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In-Home Virus and Spyware Removal

Two common problems that could be plaguing your PC:

Viruses, trojans and worms are all serious computer problems. They affect the performance of your computer, slowing it down or making it crash. Even more serious is the vulnerable nature of all your personal data (pictures, documents, credit card numbers etc) when your computer is infected. Your information can be stolen if you don't take action.

Spyware is invasive in that it installs itself on your computer usually without your knowledge. You can contract spyware by simply visiting a website or by downloading material off any sort of the internet. If you notice that your computer has become increasingly slow and sluggish then there is a possibility that spyware has invaded your system. If your computer is connected to the internet then you are at risk.


Virus Removal
  • Success Guranteed
  • Advanced removal tools/techniques
  • Reccomendations on best preventative software.
Spyware Removal
  • Remove pop-ups
    and spyware
  • Speed up your computer
  • Remove security risks
  • Optimize start up time
Wireless Setup*
  • Setup a new router
  • Configure security/pasword
  • Setup File/Printer Sharing
Computer Tune Up*
  • Removal of junk programs
  • Optimize start up/registry
  • Free spyware/virus analysis
  • Dust removal/case clean
Wipe and Restore*
  • Complete wipe of hard drive
  • Re-install operating system
  • Re-install drivers/updates

Data Backup*
  • Movies/Pictures/Music
  • Restore data to clean PC
  • Backup to DVD*
  • Backup/Restore from external HD
Hardware Service*
  • Diagnose problems
  • Install hardware
  • Install drivers

Home Training
  • Burn a CD/DVD
  • Convert files
  • Print pictures
  • General PC use etc.

*Computer Tune Up service cannot be performed on PC's that are infected with viruses/spyware. In such cases virus/spyware removal service will be warranted for resolution of PC problems.

*Wireless Setup does not include router or hardware.

*Wipe and Restore service does not include backing up (photos,documents, internet favorites, music, videos). We offer Data Backup Add-On service at an additional fee according to the amount of data you wish to backup. Most PC's will fall within having 20GB of personal data. Windows Operating System is not included with Wipe and Restore and must be provided by customer with COA and genuine CD-Key.

*Data Backup includes backup of files to technicians external hard drive proceeded by restoration of files to repaired PC. Backup to DVD extra at 40$/8.5GB disc. Estimated 30 min setup/burn time per disc.

*Data Recovery service only applies to accidental deletion of files or partion. Data may also be recovered off of freshly formatted hard discs. Recovery is not guranteed and a non-recovery fee of $29.99 applies should files be unrecoverable. Hard drives that experience complete failure or that are physically damaged must be deferred to recovery lab specialists.

*Hardware service does not include hardware. Components must be purchased seperately.

Online PC Tech Support, COMING SOON!

Once we establish a professional and personal rapport with you as a customer many issues can be solved over the internet via remote PC support. However, as many other companies would have you to believe, not every virus/spyware or PC problem can be solved remotely. Our trained support technicians will assess your situation at no cost before undergoing any repair task whether online or via dispatch of an On-Site technician.



Small Business Services

At OneclickRepairs we service small to medium sized business. Whatever your IT needs may be we can help you. All of our support/repair services are charged at a flat hourly rate of $70/hour. Emergency support is available 24/7 at an additional cost of $20/hour outside of normal business hours.

Network Support

Does your business need to transfer files between computers or print from multiple locations? Do you need customized security solutions for your wireless/wired network? We can help you with all your small/medium sized business IT needs.

Server Installation, Configuration,
and Support

Should you or your clients require off site access of data and or files then we can customize a linux or windows platform based server to fulfill your needs.

On-Site Office Support

Should a problem arise where you are in need of immediate assitance we can dispatch a technician same day. Time is money and coming to a timely and proper solution to your IT porblems is our highest priority.

For Immediate Business PC Support

tel. 1-866-754-1066

Feel free to call or setup an appointment with an On-Site technician by using the button below. Please include your full name, phone number and address in your email. We will confirm the appointment over the phone upon receving your email.

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